Source code for linkcheck.logger.text

# Copyright (C) 2000-2014 Bastian Kleineidam
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
# with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
# 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
The default text logger.
import time

from . import _Logger
from .. import ansicolor, strformat, configuration, i18n

[docs]class TextLogger(_Logger): """ A text logger, colorizing the output if possible. Informal text output format spec: Output consists of a set of URL logs separated by one or more blank lines. A URL log consists of two or more lines. Each line consists of keyword and data, separated by whitespace. Unknown keywords will be ignored. """ LoggerName = 'text' LoggerArgs = { "filename": "linkchecker-out.txt", 'colorparent': "default", 'colorurl': "default", 'colorname': "default", 'colorreal': "cyan", 'colorbase': "purple", 'colorvalid': "bold;green", 'colorinvalid': "bold;red", 'colorinfo': "default", 'colorwarning': "bold;yellow", 'colordltime': "default", 'colordlsize': "default", 'colorreset': "default", } def __init__(self, **kwargs): """Initialize error counter and optional file output.""" args = self.get_args(kwargs) super().__init__(**args) self.output_encoding = args.get("encoding", i18n.default_encoding) self.init_fileoutput(args) self.colorparent = args.get('colorparent', 'default') self.colorurl = args.get('colorurl', 'default') self.colorname = args.get('colorname', 'default') self.colorreal = args.get('colorreal', 'default') self.colorbase = args.get('colorbase', 'default') self.colorvalid = args.get('colorvalid', 'default') self.colorinvalid = args.get('colorinvalid', 'default') self.colorinfo = args.get('colorinfo', 'default') self.colorwarning = args.get('colorwarning', 'default') self.colordltime = args.get('colordltime', 'default') self.colordlsize = args.get('colordlsize', 'default') self.colorreset = args.get('colorreset', 'default')
[docs] def init_fileoutput(self, args): """Colorize file output if possible.""" super().init_fileoutput(args) if self.fd is not None: self.fd = ansicolor.Colorizer(self.fd)
[docs] def start_fileoutput(self): """Needed to make file descriptor color aware.""" init_color = self.fd is None super().start_fileoutput() if init_color: self.fd = ansicolor.Colorizer(self.fd)
[docs] def start_output(self): """Write generic start checking info.""" super().start_output() if self.has_part('intro'): self.write_intro() self.flush()
[docs] def write_intro(self): """Log introduction text.""" self.writeln(configuration.App) self.writeln(configuration.Copyright) self.writeln(configuration.Freeware) self.writeln( _("Read the documentation at %(url)s") % {'url': configuration.Url} ) self.writeln( _("Write comments and bugs to %(url)s") % {'url': configuration.SupportUrl} ) self.check_date() self.writeln() self.writeln(_("Start checking at %s") % strformat.strtime(self.starttime))
[docs] def log_url(self, url_data): """Write url checking info.""" self.writeln() if self.has_part('url'): self.write_url(url_data) if and self.has_part('name'): self.write_name(url_data) if url_data.parent_url and self.has_part('parenturl'): self.write_parent(url_data) if url_data.base_ref and self.has_part('base'): self.write_base(url_data) if url_data.url and self.has_part('realurl'): self.write_real(url_data) if url_data.checktime and self.has_part('checktime'): self.write_checktime(url_data) if url_data.dltime >= 0 and self.has_part('dltime'): self.write_dltime(url_data) if url_data.size >= 0 and self.has_part('dlsize'): self.write_size(url_data) if and self.has_part('info'): self.write_info(url_data) if url_data.modified and self.has_part('modified'): self.write_modified(url_data) if url_data.warnings and self.has_part('warning'): self.write_warning(url_data) if self.has_part('result'): self.write_result(url_data) self.flush()
[docs] def write_id(self): """Write unique ID of url_data.""" self.writeln() self.write(self.part('id') + self.spaces('id')) self.writeln("%d" % self.stats.number, color=self.colorinfo)
[docs] def write_url(self, url_data): """Write url_data.base_url.""" self.write(self.part('url') + self.spaces('url')) txt = strformat.strline(url_data.base_url) self.writeln(txt, color=self.colorurl)
[docs] def write_name(self, url_data): """Write""" self.write(self.part("name") + self.spaces("name")) self.writeln(strformat.strline(, color=self.colorname)
[docs] def write_parent(self, url_data): """Write url_data.parent_url.""" self.write(self.part('parenturl') + self.spaces("parenturl")) txt = url_data.parent_url if url_data.line is not None: txt += _(", line %d") % url_data.line if url_data.column is not None: txt += _(", col %d") % url_data.column if > 0: txt += _(", page %d") % self.writeln(txt, color=self.colorparent)
[docs] def write_base(self, url_data): """Write url_data.base_ref.""" self.write(self.part("base") + self.spaces("base")) self.writeln(url_data.base_ref, color=self.colorbase)
[docs] def write_real(self, url_data): """Write url_data.url.""" self.write(self.part("realurl") + self.spaces("realurl")) self.writeln(url_data.url, color=self.colorreal)
[docs] def write_dltime(self, url_data): """Write url_data.dltime.""" self.write(self.part("dltime") + self.spaces("dltime")) self.writeln(_("%.3f seconds") % url_data.dltime, color=self.colordltime)
[docs] def write_size(self, url_data): """Write url_data.size.""" self.write(self.part("dlsize") + self.spaces("dlsize")) self.writeln(strformat.strsize(url_data.size), color=self.colordlsize)
[docs] def write_checktime(self, url_data): """Write url_data.checktime.""" self.write(self.part("checktime") + self.spaces("checktime")) self.writeln(_("%.3f seconds") % url_data.checktime, color=self.colordltime)
[docs] def write_info(self, url_data): """Write""" self.write(self.part("info") + self.spaces("info")) self.writeln(self.wrap(, 65), color=self.colorinfo)
[docs] def write_modified(self, url_data): """Write url_data.modified.""" self.write(self.part("modified") + self.spaces("modified")) self.writeln(self.format_modified(url_data.modified))
[docs] def write_warning(self, url_data): """Write url_data.warning.""" self.write(self.part("warning") + self.spaces("warning")) warning_msgs = [f"[{tag}] {msg}" for tag, msg in url_data.warnings] self.writeln(self.wrap(warning_msgs, 65), color=self.colorwarning)
[docs] def write_result(self, url_data): """Write url_data.result.""" self.write(self.part("result") + self.spaces("result")) if url_data.valid: color = self.colorvalid self.write(_("Valid"), color=color) else: color = self.colorinvalid self.write(_("Error"), color=color) if url_data.result: self.write(": " + url_data.result, color=color) self.writeln()
[docs] def write_outro(self, interrupt=False): """Write end of checking message.""" self.writeln() if interrupt: self.writeln(_("The check has been interrupted; results are not complete.")) self.write(_("That's it.") + " ") self.write(_n("%d link", "%d links", self.stats.number) % self.stats.number) self.write(" ") if self.stats.num_urls is not None: self.write( _n("in %d URL", "in %d URLs", self.stats.num_urls) % self.stats.num_urls ) self.write(_(" checked.") + " ") warning_text = ( _n("%d warning found", "%d warnings found", self.stats.warnings_printed) % self.stats.warnings_printed ) if self.stats.warnings_printed: warning_color = self.colorwarning else: warning_color = self.colorinfo self.write(warning_text, color=warning_color) if self.stats.warnings != self.stats.warnings_printed: self.write( _(" (%d ignored or duplicates not printed)") % (self.stats.warnings - self.stats.warnings_printed) ) self.write(". ") error_text = ( _n("%d error found", "%d errors found", self.stats.errors_printed) % self.stats.errors_printed ) if self.stats.errors_printed: error_color = self.colorinvalid else: error_color = self.colorvalid self.write(error_text, color=error_color) if self.stats.errors != self.stats.errors_printed: self.write( _(" (%d duplicates not printed)") % (self.stats.errors - self.stats.errors_printed) ) self.writeln(".") num = self.stats.internal_errors if num: self.writeln( _n( "There was %(num)d internal error.", "There were %(num)d internal errors.", num, ) % {"num": num} ) self.stoptime = time.time() duration = self.stoptime - self.starttime self.writeln( _("Stopped checking at %(time)s (%(duration)s)") % { "time": strformat.strtime(self.stoptime), "duration": strformat.strduration_long(duration), } )
[docs] def write_stats(self): """Write check statistic info.""" self.writeln() self.writeln(_("Statistics:")) if self.stats.downloaded_bytes is not None: self.writeln( _("Downloaded: %s.") % strformat.strsize(self.stats.downloaded_bytes) ) if self.stats.number > 0: self.writeln( _( "Content types: %(image)d image, %(text)d text, %(video)d video, " "%(audio)d audio, %(application)d application, %(mail)d mail" " and %(other)d other." ) % self.stats.link_types ) self.writeln( _("URL lengths: min=%(min)d, max=%(max)d, avg=%(avg)d.") % dict( min=self.stats.min_url_length, max=self.stats.max_url_length, avg=self.stats.avg_url_length, ) ) else: self.writeln(_("No statistics available since no URLs were checked."))
[docs] def end_output(self, **kwargs): """Write end of output info, and flush all output buffers.""" self.stats.downloaded_bytes = kwargs.get("downloaded_bytes") self.stats.num_urls = kwargs.get("num_urls") if self.has_part('stats'): self.write_stats() if self.has_part('outro'): self.write_outro(interrupt=kwargs.get("interrupt")) self.close_fileoutput()